Why You Should Hire Us As Your Maine SEO Consultant

If you have taken a jump into the land of SEO [search engine optimization] only to find yourself completely overwhelmed and not sure if the SEO techniques you are currently doing or reading about will only end in you being black-listed by Google, which means your business’s is dead on the Internet. Did you just find out that “Yes!” you can be black-listed on Google? If the company or individual you hire is not practicing what we call “White Hat SEO” AKA the good SEO techniques, you will end up in the one spot you don’t ever want to be… Not a friend of Google!

“How do I know that I haven’t hired someone that is going to practice these shady SEO practices?”, you ask. Use a personal recommendation and don’t EVER hire a company that says they can absolutely guarantee you a particular ranking. They can’t. They just want your business and your money. My favorite part is at the bottom of those SEO contracts you will usually see in bold that they can guarantee a particular ranking. SEO is an Internet science and just like anything else in this world that is of any value, it takes time. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the Internet, so be patient! Persistence & patience pay off in the world of SEO. Let me tell you why you should hire Mainely SEO as your Maine SEO Consultant;

  • We know your competition.
  • We know the lingo. [wicked, etc.] It’s important to know which phrases are searched more than others.
  • We know the local keywords.
  • We will meet with you face-to-face. [This is invaluable in this day in age].
  • Keep your business local if you can.

Do you already have an SEO consultant or are you now considering for the first time, a SEO strategy for your business?