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Home Snuggers

Home Snuggers of Windham, Maine, is a home insulation company. They wanted a website where their customers and potential customers could read about their products and services in a streamlined and organized way. When they came to Mainely SEO, their current website just wasn’t cutting it. Because their customers often have plenty of questions about their services, it was important for Home Snuggers to be able to display information and FAQs on their site.

What we implemented:
• A strong call-to-action
• A clearly developed website flow that displays their products and services
• Complete responsiveness, meaning that the website displays properly across all devices

What happened with the launch of their new Mainely SEO-developed website?
Home Snuggers’ website now offers an informative and enhanced user experience. Clients can find answers to their queries and learn about Home Snuggers’ products and processes, all within a much more modern and user-friendly space.

Visit the website.