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Tips on Social Bookmarking your Content

Social Bookmarking is similar to bookmarking websites on your personal computer, but it is visible to anyone. The more people that bookmark the same website, the more votes that website receives and the more popular it becomes. Many times your content can go viral, if it receives enough votes and is promoted to the front page. Social bookmarking should be an essential part of your link building strategy. Just make sure the social bookmarking site you are submitting your content to, does not place a “no follow tag” on your bookmarked links. When the social bookmarks are “followed links”, they will count as a back link to your content and help your content get indexed frequently and even help you rank organically in the search engines. There are many social bookmarking sites available such as DIGG, Delicious, Yahoo Buzz and Stumbleupon. Make sure the site that you submit your content to receives a decent amount of traffic, has active users and, once again, will follow your links.

New Reading Material courtesy of Chris Brogan

I follow Chris Brogan on twitter and today he visited the Borders in South Portland, Maine. He signed a few copies of his new book Social Media 101 and Trust Agents and then sent out a tweet that they were sitting there on the shelf just waiting to be purchased. I happened to be in the area and scooped them both up. I cannot wait to start reading them. In the new few weeks I will report back to you on what I thought of them both.

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Foursquare Update for Android, Finally!

I woke up this morning to find an update for the Foursquare App on my Samsung Captivate running Google’s Android OS. I chose that phone over the iPhone 4 because I haven’t bit fully in to the apple, yet.. The only Apple product I have is the iPad and, so far, it is the only one I will buy. I was a long standing Blackberry user, pushing 5 years, but in June I took the plunge and went for the Andorid OS because it’s Google. This is my attempt at blogging everyday. I know the post is short but, hey, at least it’s something. Recently, Chris Brogan, someone who I really admire, had a post in which he talked about framing your blog posts to help one write everyday, hopefully, it will help me write better.

Hello world!

I kind of felt like keeping the default title to this blog post because—I cannot believe I am saying this but—this is my first blog!

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