Why Your Website Should Be Mobile Friendly

The reality is that we live in a world where 83 million people globally are mobile phone web users. There are many different reasons to why your website should be mobile friendly. For starters, let me clarify for you the difference between a ‘mobile friendly‘ website versus a ‘mobile optimized‘ website because there is a big difference, but I often see the terms used interchangeably. A website that is ‘mobile friendly‘ means that it is a website that can be viewed on a smartphone because it’s a HTML website, NOT flash*. A ‘mobile optimized‘ website means that the website, when viewed on a smartphone is transformed to fit the size of the smartphone screen. *Note – Please read our post on 3 Reasons Why You Don’t Want A Flash Website.

  • Did you know that Google has a separate index for mobile users? Well it does and it is substantially smaller than Google.com, so by making your website mobile friendly, you will rank higher as far as SEO [search engine optimization] for mobile search.
  • Being mobile friendly is better than having an app [application] for your website. An app can’t always do everything that your website can do. A website is always instant access for your users without any limitations.
  • Keep in mind that mobile advertising is on the rise! There has been a huge increase in mobile advertising. It is projected that ads for the mobile web will surpass 6.5 billion by 2012.
  • If you’re looking for a way to increase traffic, get your website mobile friendly. If your site is not easily accessible, studies have shown that your traffic will decrease.
  • There is a WordPress plugin called Mobify that will make your website mobile friendly, which is just another benefit for using WordPress as your CMS!

If you find yourself thinking “I need to get my website mobile friendly!”, well you’re definitely not alone, but it is something that you want to do sooner rather than later. So give us a call, tweet, email or Facebook message… We’d love to help you get your website mobile friendly. Did you know that the average iPhone user only spends about 45% of their time making calls. The other 55% is spent checking email, using apps & the mobile web! Is your website accessible to the 55% percent of people that have the ability to access it?